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Hi, I am Mark Ong and I started Ex Boyfriend Insight in order to help people improve their chances to get their ex back without playing mind games or using manipulative tactics.

With that said, I am going to emphasize this. Please do not call me a relationship expert.

Although since starting this site in Mar 2014, I have received a number of emails from people telling me that my advice has really helped them and they encouraged me to continue giving good advice, I don’t think that classify me as a relationship expert.

In fact, I wouldn’t want you to view my articles as advice. I would rather that you see them as my opinion and decide for yourself whether my opinion is useful to your situation.

The reason why I started this site is because I have a personal interest in topics such as relationships, human psychology, self help and many more. This just happen to be one of the first sites I am working on.

In the future, I do plan to start other sites on a different topic but for now, I will be focusing on Ex Boyfriend Insight.

My goal for this site is to hopefully challenge you to think about your relationship a bit differently, in a way that I hope will benefit you.

This is because while I am conducting research on the topic of “how to get my ex back”, I see so many advice that are about playing mind games, that I believe will actually do more harm than good to your relationship. I hope this website can offer you a different perspective.

Maybe it is because of my Asian background, or maybe because I am more conservative, that is why I am not too comfortable with all these mind games.

Alright, enough about me.

Now it is about you.

If you want to talk to someone or just want to hear my opinion about your situation, feel free to leave a comment on my site.

I cannot guarantee that my opinion will help you get your ex back but I do hope it can offer you a different perspective that you have never considered or at least help you feel better.


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Just wanna say: this site is great. I find your advice really helpful, non-judgmental and kind.


    Hi Janey, thanks for your kind words.


I’m curious to know your opinion of my situation. I’m a hairdresser and had a male client and thought his wife was the luckiest woman on earth. Then after doing his hair for a year, he told me that his wife of 25 years left him. He dated many people immediately after she left for one or two months, then he dated me and made our relationship exclusive almost immediately. We went together for 3 months and had a great time, then I started taking birth control and after 5 days of being on the pill I became an emotional freak and got upset about him spending time with a female friend. It led to a break up which was very devestating for me because he spoke of a future together. I went off the pill and immediately became calm and told him the hormones made me crazy and he said that he believed me but that it didn’t matter because he was selfish for starting a relationship with me so soon after his divorce before he had healed. He told me that he needed 6 months to get through this before he could even think about dating anyone. We have been broken up since Dec 6th and and he sent me a short and simple text on x-mas and I replied something back short and simple back. That was the last contact we had until I emailed him on Jan 27th. I wrote that I hoped things were going well for him, and that I had been reading about relationships and agreed that he did indeed need his space to grieve. I apologized for some of the mistakes I thought I made, and I wished him well and said that I could be his friend when and if he was ready. He responded the next day and told me he was happy to hear from me, that he had wanted to reach out to me as well but was afraid to because I was so upset. He said that he had a long way to go as far as getting healed, but told me that two halves can definitely make a whole, but when two people who are each whole come together then that is a relationship that can thrive. He said he cared about me deeply, and that he missed me. Do you think this sounds promising in the future even though I was kind of a rebound to his 25 year old marriage? I hear that 90% of rebounds fail. Thank you


    Well, statistic is just statistic isn’t it? Let’s not argue about whether the 90% is an accurate figure. Even if it is, what has that got to do with you?

    You are the one who write your own story. Why can’t you be the other 10%? The key here is to ask yourself what you really want. Once you know what you want, go all out for it. In terms of relationship, that means actively working on skills that will help you have a better relationship.


Hi Mark
Thank you for setting up this website! It’s very helpful!
I’m currently studying in Taipei and my ex boyfriend is studying in New York City. He’s from Taipei too.
We met in my trip to NYC through a mutual friend. We met for ten days and soon became “more than just friends”. Our values are very similar, so we quickly develop a strong connection.
I confessed to him few days before I went back to my hometown, though I wasn’t sure and he’s really good-looking (mine is just above average) although he’s not certain about long distance relationship, he still agreed to start a relationship with me. He once said if we break up due to LDR, he wanted us to be best friends, and I agreed.
It’s an official relationship. Every single of our friends and family knows we are in love.
However, things changed drastically when I’m back to Taipei-we Skype every day if not twice a day. We were arguing small stuff due to time zone difference. We both feel unloved because of the huge contrast between the trip and the present. I kept doing things like crying and picking on small things which is not my usual behavior to draw his attention and so did he. It’s very tiring for me to keep this relationship going as he kept throwing tantrum on me. He’s been very different from what he’s like when we were still friends.
Soon he broke up with me after a month of LDR and said his love wasn’t that strong. He said he was betrayed by his ex girlfriend and he didn’t want to get hurt this time. He felt lonely and unsupported because I wasn’t physically around him. He couldn’t see our future as he might not settle down in Taipei. He stated that he still wanted to be good friends even we are not dating.
I feel devastated. I started no contact for almost 5 months, and I saw your website, and recovered, realizing what my problems are. He will be coming back to Taipei for summer soon, and I want him to know that I knew what “my problems” were and now I’m totally different. I’m a stronger, more confident woman who doesn’t need his approval of self esteem.
I need to see him because I left some stuff in his place and I want to take it back!

He didn’t contact me since then. I assumed he’s dating someone else.

I don’t want to start a relationship immediately with him and I don’t want to be friend zone.
What shall I do, Mark? When should I text him? Or should I wait for his text? How can I show him I have changed without being too obvious?

Thank you, Mark!


    Hey Chloe,

    Am I right to say that your actual relationship with him is only 10 days plus? I will just tell you my man’s point of view.

    The way I see it, he is just not that into you. In fact, he has even told you about it, that his love wasn’t that strong. A man who is really into a woman will move mountains for her, so to speak. For your situation, it doesn’t seem that way. He didn’t even bother to contact you. So that is already a red flag you should take note of.

    Of course, I hope I am wrong. I don’t want to spoil your hope.

    I will suggest that you approach this situation without too much expectation.

    Just go ahead and text him. As for how to show that you have changed, my opinion is if you have really changed, it will naturally show in the way you interact with him. If you have to try so hard to show that you have changed, then maybe you haven’t really changed.

    Just stay in the present moment and enjoy yourself with him if possible. See how things go. If you cannot sense that he is into you, then it is probably time for you to let go and don’t waste too much time on it.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the great articles! I had an issue come up while speaking to me ex. We’d been fairly close although he has a rebound/female “friend” who is married but obviously wants to have him in her life. She looked him up out of the blue and started contacting him all the time though he hadn’t known her well and she was an acquaintance years ago. It seems so weird. I talked to him about that relationship and said I was worried for him. I also said negative things about his actions towards me. I don’t know exactly what happened, but could kick myself for saying some things. I was very tired and should have ended the call. If only I had. At the end of the call he basically said we should not be in contact for a while and he might not have time in the future for our friendship if he was spending time with his rebound. Please help with any advice on the next step. I really can’t believe my error. It was so unlike me. I guess jealousy got the better of me. I feel so regretful and am usually not in that position..


    Hi Michele,

    I have a 8,000 words article about rebound relationship. Not sure whether you have read it. I gave a pretty detailed analysis of what to do when your ex is in a rebound and what kind of surprises you can expect from your ex.

    I have another 10,000 words article on what it really takes to get your ex back. You should read that too.

    These 2 articles should give you sort of a big picture plan of what to do.

    You can also sign up for my newsletter where I share even more advance tips to help you get your ex back. For example, on day 11 of my newsletter, you will learn about the various emotional states your ex may go through when you are trying to get him back.

    When you are aware of these emotional states, you will be able to adjust your strategy accordingly.

    If you are interested to learn these advance tips, you can sign up for my newsletter above.


Does your information work on ex husbands who have left too.


    The information I share on my website and newsletter can help people improve their non romantic relationship as well, so I don’t see why it can’t work on ex husband.

    For example, I had a subscriber who had problem connecting with her ex husband. She had done “everything” to improve herself, like enjoying her life, picking up new hobbies etc, typical advice you see on many relationship websites. Don’t get me wrong, those are good advice that are certainly helpful but something is missing here. They are just tactical stuff.

    I told her those are good things to do. However, just doing those things alone is not enough because they will not help her to improve her emotional connection with her ex husband directly. She will get better results if she also work on the skills I mentioned in this article.

    So she started applying present moment awareness when she was with her ex husband. I will just copy and paste her reply to me below.

    Thanks for replying Mark! I’m following your advice and saw some immediate results when I tried applying awareness with my husband today.

    He came over to fix the garage and instead of jumping 50 steps ahead in my mind like I always did I tried to listen to what he was saying and doing at the moment. I responded without any ulterior motives and have to say this was the most pleasant interaction between us since the separation. Everything felt genuine.

    I taught him a recipe I recently learned on a soup that I never knew he loved and he trusted me with a secret trip that he planned to Turkey and asked me to not tell his parents.

    All in all I think it’s progress even though nothing romantic was involved.


    As you can see, the concept of being present is applicable to all types of relationship, whether it is romantic or non romantic. Of course, I also share information that are mainly related to breakups, but they are applicable to both ex boyfriends and ex husbands.

    Obviously, not every email I sent out in my newsletter or every article on my site will be relevant to your situation. But I am pretty sure some of them are relevant to everyone because they are based on principles, not tactics.


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