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If you are like most women who are trying to get their ex boyfriend back, you are probably confused.

I can certainly understand why you are confused.

After all, you are trying to use the Internet to learn how to get your ex back.


10 Different Places – 10 Different Versions Of No Contact Rule?

Somehow, you landed on 10 different blogs, each blog giving you different advice on the n.c. rule. You get so confused that you don’t even know who to listen to.

The 1st website says, “Don’t contact your ex for 30 days!”

The 2nd website says, “You must not contact him for at least 60 days!

The 3rd website says, “Completely ignore your ex during no contact. Don’t reply him!”

The 4th website says, “Just keep your reply short and sweet.”

The 5th website says, “If you broke the no contact rule, you must start all over again.”

(Oops! I broke the 60 days no contact rule on day 59. So that means I must start all over again?”)

The 6th website says, “No contact will make your ex boyfriend miss you and come crawling begging you to take him back.”

And so on……

So who should you listen to? Which version of the no contact rule should you apply to your situation?
2 Different Opinions On Staying Friends With Ex

And then, there is another very common question.

Should I be friends with my ex?”

First, you see 10 sites telling you that you should never be friends with your ex.

Next, you see another 5 sites telling you that you should be friends with your ex.

So who should you listen to? Are you getting more confused than ever?


Addressing Topics You Are Confused About

That is why I decided to write the “Clear The Confusion” guide.

I will be addressing many topics that most women are confused about when they are trying to get their ex boyfriend back.

I have answered hundreds of questions through this blog as well as through email. I noticed that the same questions keep popping up. So I thought I might as well create this guide so that I can help more people.

The “no contact rule” and “should you be friends with your ex” are just 2 of the many topics I will be addressing in the guide.


My Objective For “Clear The Confusion”

Just to make it clear. This guide is not meant to be a step by step plan to get your ex back.

There is a reason why I call the guide “Clear The Confusion”.

I hope that after reading this guide, you will have a sense of clarity about your situation and you will no longer feel so confused.

If you have already bought any “get your ex back” program, you can consider my ebook as a companion guide.

This is because I have personally bought more than 10 “get your ex back” program. Even the better ones fail to address certain important topics. That is why I decided to send you the ebook for free after I finish writing.


Estimated Date Of Completion – 8th December 2014

I hope I can clone myself and finish the guide today.

Unfortunately, I have very limited time every day to write the ebook. So I am aiming for 8th December 2014.


How You Can Get The Ebook For Free

I will send the completed ebook to all my subscribers for free hopefully by 8th December.

You can subscribe here.

I have also created a free video for you that outline the 5 steps to get your ex back without playing mind games.

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If You Want To Have The Best Chance To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

As mentioned above, I have personally bought more than 10 programs on how to get your ex back. You are probably aware that each of these programs cost anywhere from $37 to $97. So I have actually spend hundreds of dollars.

Yes, sounds crazy I know. Unfortunately, out of those 10+ programs, only around 5 of them are useful.

The rest of those programs are just not worth your time. There are too many mind games and manipulation involved. If you actually use those mind games and manipulation tactics on your ex, it can make your situation worse.

If you are looking for a reliable step by step plan to get your ex boyfriend back without all the mind games, I highly recommend that you check out Ex Solution Program by Clay Andrews.

This is the guide that will actually teach you how to get your ex boyfriend back without playing mind games or using any manipulation tactics on him.

Getting your ex boyfriend back without a step by step plan is just like traveling without a map. You may end up going in the wrong direction and making mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place.

Therefore, to give yourself the best chance to get your ex boyfriend back,

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Hi Mark,

Is it too late to receive a copy of your eBook? Thank you.


    I am working on a new and better one now. Will send it out to my subscribers once it is done, hopefully in 1 to 2 weeks time.


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