My In-Depth Review and Analysis
of The Ex Solution Program

If you really want your ex back, but don’t know what to do
or haven’t made any progress, then read this!

The Ex Solution Program is an in-depth program that shows you the exact steps to take in order to dramatically improve your chances of getting your ex back.

This comprehensive course delves into some pretty advanced stuff, no bones about it. You’ll learn several key skills that should help you rebuild a healthy, lasting relationship.

The Ex Solution Program gives you access to strategies and methods that people would normally get from personalized one-to-one coaching sessions (that aren’t cheap!).

Couple this course with their optional support system available via monthly subscription – The Modern Love Association (MLA), and you’ll have both the knowledge and support that you need to reclaim your relationship.


The Ex Solution Program may be a good choice for you if

  • You’re serious about getting your ex back
  • You’re serious about making profound personal changes
  • You’re willing to take action and follow through
  • You understand the need for patience and commitment to the process


On the other hand, it may not be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for some kind of psychological or manipulation tactics to fool your ex into getting back with you
  • You’re not willing take to take any responsibility for the relationship failing in the first place
  • You think that getting back with your ex is going to be easy and/or fast
  • You’re looking for some kind of quick, easy, or “instant” solution

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If you’ve been trying to get your ex’s attention
by way of texts, calls, FB messages, etc…

…you’re doing it all wrong.

If you’re serious about getting your ex back, you need to commit to the long haul.

Another thing I like about The Ex Solution Program is that it doesn’t make any illusions about the process that you’ll need to follow. It tells you right off the bat that reclaiming your relationship is most likely going to take some time.

And if you use that time wisely with the program, you’ll grow as a person and improve yourself along the way!

I also like about Clay’s course is based on proven, down-to-earth stuff. Seriously, these are some of the best tips and advice that I’ve seen come along in a long while.

Take it from me, I’ve checked out SEVERAL get-your-ex-back products in recent years.

His approach is all about positioning yourself to your ex in the best possible light, while acknowledging your responsibility for why the relationship failed. You will focus on the particular qualities that drew your ex to you in the first place, while improving yourself during the process.

I must admit that I’ve been leery of most of the “get your ex back” books and courses that are out there, for obvious reasons. But I must admit that I was particularly intrigued by this program, as well as the fact that Clay and Mika have tons of success stories to back it up, and have garnered tons of press about it.

That’s why I had to check it out, so I bought it myself.

And for the most part… The Ex Solution Program lives up to its claims.

The strategies are based on tons of testing, research and experimentation. Not only by Clay and his better half Mika, but by other couples as well.

It’s an impressive set of strategies, and a blueprint of how a successful relationship should be built, or rebuilt for that matter, from the ground up.


Why I think The Ex Solution Program video course is a winner…

  • It helps you get to the heart of the matter, and fully understand what went wrong between you and your ex in the first place.
  • It teaches you what are considered to be fundamental relationship skills, that once learned, will make you more confident and able to do the hard work that’s required.
  • It gives you the steps to follow without hard, fast rules. The idea is to help you use your own feelings and intuition, so you make the right choices for yourself, and the relationship!

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More about The Ex Solution Program…

Clay Andrews, the creator of The Ex Solution, is a highly-successful relationship coach, who along with his partner Mika Maddela, has worked with countless couples to mend their relationships.

He and Mika developed this program to help people rebuild new, and solid relationships to last, rather than glue the pieces of a broken one. It’s a refreshing, honest and innovative approach that based on their success stories, works quite well!


Some details about The Ex Solution Program:

Price: $147

Guarantee: 60 days

Course Structure: 100% instant online access, video and audio modules for each course, each with accompanying PDF’s, daily email updates

Bonuses: Currently 3: Passion Program, Total Life Turnaround Workbook, Get Them Home Report

They also provide an optional monthly support system called the Modern Love Association (MLA) – with a free one-month trial, then $47 a month until you cancel


More about what the course covers:

  • Intensive meditation exercises, designed to help you gain control of your emotions
  • Advanced communication skills to help you restore a healthy dialogue with your ex
  • How to apply advanced communication skills to text messages to create space for deeper connection
  • A reconciliation plan outline that you can custom-tailor to your particular situation
  • How to deal with the most common issues, challenges and difficult situations
  • Advanced personal improvement skills to help you nurture a long-lasting relationship
  • Daily email affirmations that will help you stay on track with the program
  • And much more!


If you’re fully committed to the process of getting back with your ex and doing the hard work needed to make it happen, The Ex Solution Program can only improve your chances to reach your goal.

This program will work for you in virtually any circumstance. Even if it’s a long distance situation, your ex is dating someone else, etc. It will also work regardless of age/lifestyle/cultural differences, and even if you think that the relationship is too “damaged”.

And should you end up back together with your ex, rest assured of one thing. You’ll have a stronger, lasting relationship based on love, respect and partnership thanks to what you learn in this program.


My thoughts on the Modern Love Association
(MLA) membership option

There are two main reasons why I like what Clay and Mika are doing with the MLA:

1. Community support

Many people give up on trying to rekindle their relationship because they have lack judgment-free and positive emotional support from friends and family. Most just go through it alone!

The MLA community gives you a place to vent frustrations, ask questions and get encouragement from other people just like you. You may even gain some fresh perspectives about your situation.

Better yet, Clay and Mika frequent the community, along with three other coaches who are trained to give you the right advice at the right time.

Since MLA is a paid membership community, the members are serious about getting help and helping others when they can. It’s a great community of people just like you!


2. You get to learn from other people’s experiences

Each week, Clay and Mika run a weekly Q & A live session. This is where they’ll answer questions via video. They then post the recorded sessions in the member’s area.

Since they’ve been at this a few years, there is literally a treasure trove of information from just those Q&A sessions alone!

You’ll learn a lot from other members’ successes and failures. You’ll also gain tons of helpful tips and insights by just watching those sessions. This won’t only help you in your efforts to reclaim your relationship, but it will also help make you a better partner!

You get a free trial month if you add the MLA to your order for The Ex Solution Program, so all I can say is don’t miss out on that! We’ll talk more about this later. 

Ready To Find Out More?
Check Out The Ex Solution Program Now!


Let’s take an in-depth look
at The Ex Solution Program!

To help to give you a better idea, of how the program is structured and laid-out, I shot this brief walk-through video:

Now, here’s a breakdown of the modules and sections of the program:


Module 1: Foundations

This module helps you determine the foundation that you need to rebuild your relationship on from scratch. It requires you to be brutally honest about what went wrong, taking responsibility, and then committing to improving yourself however way you can.


Module 2: The Active No Contact Rule (ANC) and how to complete the healing process

This module is dedicated to you, and only you.

Clay drives home the point that you can’t possibly fix and heal your broken relationship, until you first fix and heal yourself. You’ll also learn how to utilize it effectively to get communications with your ex on the right track.

Clay provides some outstanding strategies to help you do this. You’ll work your way through a period of healing and damage control, without appearing desperate to get your ex back. Which let me add, is quite common among people who have just gone through a breakup.

This module is incredibly in-depth and comprehensive, to say the least!


Module 3: Mastering advanced relational skills and more

This is a critical element to the program.

It deals with learning advanced relational skills, which include:

  • Emotional Acceptance
  • Awareness
  • Communication Skills and Boundaries
  • Composure

There are critical skills that you’ll need to get through the rest of the program, while maintaining emotional balance and self-control. You need to work your way to building a stronger connection with your ex than you ever had before.

These skills will also help you to get your ex to open up to you when the time is right.

IMPORTANT: Mastering these key skills will take time, effort, practice and some serious self-discipline. Don’t rush or skimp on this, they’re critical to success!


Module 4: Getting your ex back

This is where everything comes together and prepares you for execution of your plan.

In this module, you develop a personalized blueprint and strategy for getting your ex back. You’re going to follow some simple steps to help get you to that critical “first date” with your ex. Then you’ll plan on what to do during and after.

There are four distinct steps:

1. Determine that you’re actually ready to contact your ex in the first place.
2. How to approach your ex and initiate communication
3. The elements to a successful “first date”
4. How to re-establish the relationship, and build it to be stronger than ever before


What else makes The Ex Solution Program So powerful?

  • Easy to follow and implement…
  • Covers the most essential mindset traits that are needed to rebuild your relationship
  • Requires you to be brutally honest with yourself and take your share responsibility for the relationship’s failure
  • Tells you exactly how to handle communication with your ex (most people completely drop the ball here, and it costs them dearly!)
  • Iron-clad money back guarantee!
  • Tons of success stories and testimonials (Check The Ex Solution’ testimonials page here)!


I do have a couple of cons regarding The Ex Solution Program:

At a price of $147, it’s not cheap. This may make the program beyond some people’s reach. Then again, it’s a lot cheaper than relationship therapy or a personal coach.

It may be a bit too overwhelming for some people – if this is the case for you, take your time and don’t pressure yourself!


My conclusions…

This program is well-researched, well-structured, well-conceived and loaded with field-tested strategies that deliver results.

But only IF you commit to the process and follow through!

If you follow Clay’s steps, strategies and crystal-clear instructions, you give yourself the best chance of getting your ex back so you can rekindle a new, solid and happy relationship.

The Ex Solution Program is one of the few programs available online today that focuses on positivity and healthy progress. It shows you how to restore your relationship in a healthy, productive way with NO mind games, reverse psychology or any other tactics.

Because let’s face it, a relationship based on mind games won’t end up being a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, too many people think that playing mind games is the only way to get an ex back, then once that happens, they can try to make it healthy later.

It doesn’t work that way!

There are NO shortcuts to rebuilding a relationship. Do it the right way, the first time, and you’ll give yourself the best chance to have a healthy, happy relationship!

Check Out The Ex Solution Program Now!


A few more words about their ongoing support system:

Modern Love Association (MLA)

Though it’s strictly optional, the MLA is quite an important component of the main program, in my opinion.

It’s a rich resource of what Clay calls “ridiculously outstanding support”, that will help you through your personal journey in restoring and rebuilding your relationship.

BTW, you get a one month free trial if you add it on to your order right away, so don’t miss this opportunity! Because if you opt to join MLA later from your secure member’s area, you’ll have to pay $47 a month from day one.

I strongly advise you take them up on this free offer so you can see for yourself just how fantastic the MLA support system really is. If you don’t like it for any reason or decide that you don’t need it, just cancel your membership within 30 days and you won’t be charged a cent.

Look at it this way, you can easily get tons of valuable advice and personal guidance for that free month, so don’t miss out on it. Considering that relationship coaches easily bill $100 per hour or more for online consultation, the MLA is a steal. In any case, take them up on their free trial offer, and find out for yourself.

You can thank me later!


A success story from my own subscriber

Among the success stories that I have received so far from my subscribers, I noticed a very interesting trend.

Most of them took at least 6 months to get their ex back.

Let me just share one of the success stories with you from Boonyi K, Germany

Boonyi was able to get her ex back because she was committed enough. She didn’t give up within a few weeks. She worked on The Ex Solution Program for a total of 6 months and a half and finally succeeded.


Dear Mark,

I am writing to tell you that, after 6 months and a half following your advice to the letter, I got my ex back! Here is a little feedback and my own success story, feel free to publish it on your website if you want to.

Yesterday night, as my ex held my hand, told me I was the only woman he ever wanted to be with, and asked me to go back with him, my thoughts went to Mark Ong and Clay Andrews. THANK YOU so much for making this possible. Your newsletters, podcasts, videos, and classes have not only provided with much precious advice, but also kept me hopeful and positive.

Finding Clay’s and Mark’s emails in my mailbox everyday kept my motivation high. When I was feeling sad, and it seemed to me that mine was a lost cause, watching your videos and reading your emails gave me endless confidence. After six months and a half of patience and commitment, I got my ex back!

Mark, even though you support Clay’s method, I benefited a lot from your advice too. You gave me many pieces of information that were precious and I did not find anywhere is Clay’s program, such as the possibility to hit a plateau with your ex. That was my situation and I did not know what to make of it until you wrote that it was perfectly normal. Keep up the good work, you are great!

With much, much gratitude.

You Can See More Success Stories Here

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my review of The Ex Solution Program, and it helps you make an informed decision.

Have a question or comment? Just leave it below!

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Hi mark

Do you know perhaps what the program says about when it is right to ignore your ex when they contact you?


    The program doesn’t encourage you to ignore your ex because it usually makes the situation worse. Imagine your ex initially wanted to contact you to give the relationship another shot. However, because you keep on ignoring him, he thinks you have moved on and decided to move on too. That is probably not the outcome you want if you still want your ex back.

    Instead, the program will teach you how to communicate with your ex in a healthy way. If you need some space to heal and need to implement no contact, the program will teach you how to talk to your ex in a way that won’t push him away.


I want to purchase the program. My ex and I broke up. We were living together. He cheated more than once and became physical. We had really good times and it’s weird how things changed. We even have matching tattoos. He apparently has moved on with someone we fought over. I want him back , but when I’m fully healed and he has fully changed. Is this program for me?


    Whether he will change or not is not under your control. So you should take note of that. You can only work on yourself.

    This program is for anyone who wants to heal from their breakup and improve their relationship skills, not just for people who want their ex back.

    These relationship skills will not just help you with your romantic relationship, they will also help you with your non-romantic relationship, such as with your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

    For example, there are people inside the program who reported having improved relationship with their family members, even though their main intention is just to get their ex back. So you can see that as a side benefit.

    So if you can see the value of having these skills, then you can consider joining this program.

    Do take note, for this program to work for you, you need to work the program. Conscious effort is needed to develop those skills. You need to practise these skills regularly with the people around you.

    In other words, you need to be serious about your personal development. If that sounds good to you, then this program is definitely for you.


Hi Mark,

Will the ex-solution program still work for me? It’s been 6 months since we broke up. 3 months since we tried to reconnect and it failed miserably, leading to him cutting me off/rejecting me, despite the mixed signals he’s been giving. It’s been 1 month since he last spoke to me (he had tried to reach out asking how my work was doing, to which I didn’t respond until 2 weeks later). He hasn’t spoken to me since.

I’ve noticed that despite his cold/indifference, he’s been inactive on Facebook lately. I had added him back when we last reconnected but right now he’s still on my list. He’s not too keen on sharing news or anything on Facebook anymore since we reconnected. Before that, right after the breakup, he was being tagged in party pictures etc.

I’ve improved on most aspects of my life, except my career, which took some damage in the wake of my son’s death. Since my ex and I work together, he knows what’s been going on with my work. Will ESP still work in my case? He’s seeing someone else but when we reconnected he insisted she’s not his girlfriend, but I don’t know now.


    The key to getting your ex back is emotional connection. ESP will teach you the skills you need to connect with your ex on a deeper emotional level.

    When you are able to get your ex to open up to you, your chances of getting back together with him will improve.

    ESP recommends Active No Contact (ANC). However, for people with situation like yours, where you are working with your ex, you can adopt Limited Active No Contact (LANC) instead.

    As for your ex dating another woman, there is a possibility that it is a rebound relationship. If that is the case, the skills you will learn inside ESP can give you an advantage. You can watch this video to understand why.


Hi Mark,

My boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago, we had been living together for almost year, however before that we had broken up in October 2014 for about 2 months but got back together in December and then moved in together in March 2015. The reason he dumped both times was because of my inability to change my negative thinking and short temper. He is a wonderful person and because I let my past hurts keep me from showing him the love he deserves, I lost him. Do you think this program will help me? Either way, I know I need to work on myself. Thanks!


    Actually I have already mentioned it in my review above.

    It depends on whether you are willing to go out of your comfort zone. There are some exercises that requires you to go out of your comfort zone in order to grow as a person.

    Put it this way. Many people know they need to work on themselves before they can get their ex back. But very few actually know how to do it properly. That is why many people find it so hard to change themselves.

    Some exercises will help you go deeper within yourself so that you can actually start to see things from a different and better perspective. This makes it easier for you to change. If you have an open mind and are willing to do those exercises daily, you can benefit from the program.

    Also, you need to have a realistic expectation. Most ESP members who got their ex back took several months before they are able to get their ex back. It is very normal to struggle along the way. Are you willing to stick to it when the going gets tough?

    If you are willing to do whatever it takes (in a healthy way of course), then the program can help you.


Hi Mark,
Does the Ex Solution Program get you to do things like date other guys and try to do other things to make him fear losing you? I’ve done a few other programs with those in all of them.

Thank you



    No, ESP doesn’t encourage any form of mind games or manipulation tactics. They are not the foundation of a healthy relationship.


      Hi Mark,
      Thank you. I was worried it would have that in there as I don’t feel comfortable doing any of that. Do you know if it helps get back the feelings and attraction they had for you? He is still in my life, we talk at catch up but as friends.

      Thank you



        The skills taught in the program are not just for getting your ex back. You can also use these skills to connect with other people.

        There are people who initially signed up for the program just to get their ex back. Surprisingly, once they started putting the skills into practice, their relationship with friends and family improved.

        So to answer your question. Yes, having these skills is going to make it easier for you to connect with your ex on a deeper emotional level. The skills can also help you improve your relationship with your friends and family.

        You can take a look at some of the success stories here.


Hi Mark,

The biggest issue that is stopping my ex from reconsidering me as a partner is lack of emotional connection. Our relationship dynamic was such that we had difficulty connecting emotionally, because we were both quite shy and found it hard to think of things to say and respond to each other. Given this, would you still recommend this ESP program for my situation? Or would you recommend other programs that might be more effective for me? I’m just a bit worried that I will be paying too much for only a small portion of the program that might be the most relevant to me… Thanks a lot :)


    Yes, all the skills taught in the program (awareness, acceptance, composure, communication) are relevant to your situation.

    For example, the first step towards change and improving yourself is awareness. You will also learn how to communicate properly in order to get your point across without being misunderstood.

    Another skill taught in the program is composure. Composure is about being true to your own values and having the courage to set a healthy boundary. This is an area that most shy people struggle with. So this is a very valuable skill you can develop.

    Acceptance is about being a yes to whatever is happening to you in the present moment and not resisting the experience. This allows you to respond to situation instead of react.

    When you are in reaction mode, you will usually just act on autopilot, which will usually make your situation worse.

    When you are in respond mode, you are able to stop and think of your options. Suddenly, you will have more choices and you will be able to choose an option that gives you a better outcome.

    All these 4 skills build upon one another. For example, if you have a weak foundation in awareness, your communication skill will be affected. This is because a good communicator is able to communicate his/her feelings. If you are not even aware of how you feel, how are you going to express your feelings clearly?

    So the entire program is relevant to you. You need to have a strong foundation of all the skills taught in the program in order to get the best result.


Hi Mark,

If let’s say I sign up for the program, do they give a timeframe to access the materials (e.g. account expires after 3 months from the date of registration)?


    No time limit. You can access the program as long as you want.


Hi Mark,

I have one question about the program. It sounds like a great way to help heal yourself and create a improved version of yourself which increases your chances of a reconciliation with your ex etc. My question is, in the end it still takes two people to make a relationship work. Near the end of my relationship with my ex, it seemed like I was the only one trying. How can the program be successful if only one person is invested and doing all the work, even if it’s inner work on themselves?


    How you carry yourself is going to influence how other people respond to you. This is true in all kinds of situation, whether it is a sales presentation, talking to strangers or getting your ex back.

    I think people often forget that their ex are human beings too. Which means they can be influenced.

    The key is you really need to change from the core. Superficial changes won’t work. If you have truly changed, the way you carry yourself will be very different and people will notice it and respond to you differently.

    You may want to watch this video. Towards the end of your relationship, I suspect you were probably somewhere at Stage 1: Damage Control Mode or Stage 2: Attachment Stage. That’s is why no matter what you do, your ex doesn’t respond to you positively. If you are able to bring yourself to Stage 5: Effortless Connection, your ex is going to respond to you very differently.

    Take note that Ex Solution Program is not just a personal development program. Improving yourself alone is not going to help you get your ex back.

    It also teaches you relationship skills, so that you can use these skills to get your ex to open up to you. Most people don’t have or are not even aware of the relationship skills taught in the program. If you are honest with yourself, you probably lack these skills as well.

    Ex Solution Program teaches both personal development and relationship skills. That is why if you are willing to work on the program, it can increase your chances of getting your ex back. When you have truly mastered the skills taught in the program, your ex is going to noticed how much you have changed and start responding to you positively.

    Hope that answers your question.


Hi Mark,

I would like to sign up, but first, I want to give a jist of my situation. My ex of 4 years and I broke up 4 months ago, we live 10 minutes away walking distance, have not seen him since the break up. I think this was probably our 3rd break up – he said he wanted to be friends which I did, it was kind of rocky at first, but then, he would be calling me constantly, it was basically like we were “phone dating” without the intimacy part. But, when we first broke up 4 months ago, he said we both needed to make some changes and maybe one day we could get back together, but he doesn’t see the change happening. That crushed me. The reason for the break up is because he felt I am too negative, he said he did not make me happy, I am angry, miserable ALL the time, which I disagree. Up until last Friday, we were talking and I said he can not have it both ways. He emailed me and said sorry for bothering and hurting me – which to me says he is done. So, of course, I unleashed a slew of emails, saying things like I can not believe I bought everything he said about our future, and that the only reason he wanted to stay friends is because he is too afraid to tell me the relationship is over for good. Told him to live his life, I am not his friend, good bye, etc – before he broke up with me, we got into a tiff, and he was petrified that i was going to leave Him, only to break up with me the very next day…I was like I know all of my emails will push him away, turn him off, but it did not matter because that happened a long time ago – that I guess we not meant to be – went on and on and on – I have not heard from him in 4 days. I think he is really done with me.


    Your situation is not the worst I have seen. There are people out there with tougher situation than you getting their ex back. The key here is that you don’t give up so quickly. Most importantly, you need to follow a proven method, which you will learn in this program.


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