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What Vampires Teach You About Getting Your Ex Back

Yes, I know it sounds a bit cheeky. But I want to share with you a very important skill you should start cultivating TODAY so that you have the ability to connect with your ex emotionally.

Why is that important? Well, breakup happens because of emotional reasons, not logical reasons. That is why methods that target his logic, such as convincing him to come back doesn’t work. You must be able to connect with him emotionally before he will even consider getting back together with you.


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Does Your Boyfriend Want You Back – 2 Counter Intuitive Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

This is a bit counter intuitive. Many women mistakenly think that there is no more hope if their ex boyfriend displays those 2 signs. But it may be the complete opposite of what they think.

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I would like to thank you so very much, I started reading your website a few weeks ago and I have seen tremendous progress with my ex. We are talking again and he is initiating contact.


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Hi I love my bf soo much. We were in business together and things did not turn out so well. I love him 4 him not the business.


He broke up with me a week ago but now he is trying to talk to me like a friend. He is not mentioning anything about our past. Is he still in love with me?


    This is very normal after a breakup. You don’t have to worry about him not having any feelings for you.

    In fact, this is one of the topics I addressed in my newsletter. Just sign up. Look out for my email with the subject, “Worried About Friend Zone With Your Ex?” You should receive this email on Day 8 of my newsletter.

    For now, just don’t worry too much. A person’s feelings is NOT operated by an on-off switch. He can’t just turn it off. If he has been in love with you for at least a while, I can assure you that he still has feelings for you.


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